Developing Competencies – Expanding Capabilities – Building Dexterity

Our Mission

Landers & Marks OD Consulting’s mission is to develop the knowledge and skills of executives and leaders responsible for leading change in organizations. We do that by enhancing the capabilities of leaders, teams, and individuals through personalized learning networks, one-on-one coaching, and change leadership consulting. Our programs focus on building individual dexterity and organizational agility to ensure change programs are successful. This guarantees our clients are able to anticipate and plan effectively in this rapidly changing business world.

Our Vision

Working in collaboration with the Drucker School, the Drucker Academy, the global network of the Drucker Society, and our training-provider partners in Singapore, India, and elsewhere, we envision a network of senior OD and change practitioners offering the Drucker Graduate School’s certificate program and Landers & Marks’ training and consulting services in multiple languages and multiple locations around the globe.

Our History

Landers & Marks OD Consulting was founded by Liron Marks and Alan Landers in February 2017. Together, they have over 50 years of consulting, coaching, corporate training, and educational experience. Liron is a Ph.D. professor at a university in Southern California. Alan is a global OD consultant and former corporate training executive. Their strengths are in research, data analysis, and practical application.

L&M OD Consulting is a networked organization with three central team members, an advisory board of three senior OD practitioners, and a dozen “international partners and service providers” from around the globe. The international partners help with marketing, eLearning, web development, media creation, publishing, etc. They are in the United States, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Finland. Some are small, and others are extensive with hundreds of clients in twenty to thirty countries.

We have a 3-person Advisory Board of Directors. Each has over thirty years of experience in differing fields of OD (assessment, coaching, and internal consulting). Two of the three board members are highly successful entrepreneurs, on a global scale. The other is a senior OD executive and lead consultant in an international OD consulting firm. Their wisdom and contacts provide invaluable connections, insights, and suggestions that have helped maintain focus and strategic growth.